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Jacob | Sloan

Building The Future

Who is Jacob?

Jacob is a software and technology pioneer who began his journey as an entrepreneur in 2017. Jacob taught himself technical analysis with stocks and eventually found crypto. After being introduced to Crypto, Jacob found unique interest in blockchain technology and decided to explore opportunities in Web3. He is now a notable team builder, advisor, and consultant for a variety of Web3 projects.

His most recent venture was building a team with his Co-Founder Patrick Schulte, creating a first person shooter titled MetaOps and uses blockchain technology to enhance gamers experiences. MetaOps generated over $600k USD in its first year of operating. Jacob takes pride in his ability to learn and adapt to new environments, as well as in the long-term relationships he's fostered in the process. Jacob firmly believes that hard work eventually pays off, and with the right team and the right mindset you can achieve anything.

From small, solo projects to creative collaborations, he is always looking for the chance to explore new venues and learn something new that he can apply to his work.

Personal Achievements

Though I have learned a lot from being in the professional world, some of my skills have been built from research, observation and common sense. I know that to be truly successful in my career, I need to be able to work with people, find innovative solutions to professional problems and make contributions that really matter. I would be thrilled for any opportunity to keep building on my skill set. Check out some of Jacobs most notable achievements and get in touch with him today!

Open Portal Studios - Founder & CEO

Software and technology startup with a focus on bridging the gap between traditional and new age gaming technology. 

MetaOps - Co-Founder

First Person Shooter with over
3,000 registered alpha 

game testers.

MetaOps Trailer
MetaOps: First-Person Shooter Built on the Solana Blockchain | Fractal Radio

MetaOps: First-Person Shooter Built on the Solana Blockchain | Fractal Radio

MetaOps is an NFT-based, first-person shooter built on the Solana blockchain. If you like Halo and Call of Duty, you’re going to love this game. Join the battlefield, team up with friends, advance your characters, level up your weapons and earn in-game tokens and NFTs with every in-game kill. You can buy, sell and trade all digital assets earned in the game, such as items, weapons, characters, skins, collectibles and skills. MetaOps allows players to experience the metaverse from the eyes of a first-person shooter. Take part in the lore of their campaign mode, or battle it out in the multiplayer mode. In this conversation, Justin Kan talks with Jacob Sloan and Patrick Schulte from the founding team of MetaOps. Learn more about MetaOps ► Buy MetaOps NFTs ► Buy, sell and discover gaming NFTs ► Join the Fractal Discord (100K+ members) ► 00:00 Intro 00:50 What is MetaOps? 02:46 Role of NFTs in the Game + Full IP Ownership 04:57 Inspirations 08:57 The Founding Team 13:37 The Roadmap 14:44 Long-Term Vision 17:52 Social Pipes 19:15 Mint Details 20:15 Team Accountability SUBSCRIBE TO FRACTAL RADIO ► @FractalRadio FOLLOW METAOPS ON: 🕊Twitter: 📸 Instagram: 📂 Discord: 🧑‍💼 Facebook: 🎥 Twitch: FOLLOW ME ON: 🕊Twitter: 📂 LinkedIn: 📸 Instagram: 🤳 TikTok: FOLLOW FRACTAL ON: 🕊Twitter: 📂 LinkedIn: 📝 Medium: ✉️ Telegram: LISTEN TO FRACTAL RADIO ON APPLE POD/SPOTIFY: 🔴 Apple: 🟢 Spotify: #MetaOps #FractalRadio #JustinKan #Solana

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